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Our Mission

Our Mission

At Iron Gate Safety System, our mission is to provide value and efficiency to our clients while making the construction industry a safer place.

About The Safety System

Iron Gate Safety System was formed by actual construction experts along with website programming specialists to bring usable, practical solutions to construction companies. The system was built to address challenges in training, compliance and communication in the real world. IGSS brings decades of experience in construction and website building to work for you, Call us today!

Iron Gate Safety System has three major components: a live Safety Training and Training Building Component, a Compliance and Qualification Tracking Area and a Communication Sharing Platform. These systems have been developed and field tested in an active work environment with a world class company.

Safety Training

Injury prevention is a common goal in the construction industry. Proper training has a positive influence on preventing injuries. In today’s work environment, companies are more spread out making it harder to train employees. Iron Gate Safety Systems provides a process for employers to train employees with online training over multiple devices. The training is then recorded and entered into a database that makes it easy to track and manage. Our “Training Builder” allows clients to build their own training in a clean and simple format. The training is then hosted on the training area of every employee in the company.


OSHA has several requirements for employers to assign qualifications for a variety of work activities. Operators must be trained on the equipment they are using. This pertains to cranes, forklifts, aerial lifts and many more types of equipment.

Employees working on scaffolding, around trenches or at heights (to name a few) are also required to be trained and hold a qualification.. Employers must assign a “Competent Person” for a multitude of operations. Trying to manage all of these required qualifications can become a nightmare. Iron Gate Safety Systems has a Qualification area that enables the contractor the ability to assign, track and manage all of this within a reports area. Accreditations can be uploaded directly into the system and can be downloaded or printed. At any time.

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Technology Features

  • Cloud based Safety Training & Qualifications Management
  • Training Module Builder Integrated into the Platform
  • Full Tracking and Reporting
  • User Permissions of Managers, Operators, and Craftsmen
  • 128-bit SSL Secure Certified
File and Resource Sharing


Employers usually have policies, rules and other information that should be accessible to it’s employees. Iron Gate Safety System has an area just for that. Whether you are trying to share “Toolbox Topics”, Safety Policies or operational training info, our resource area provides that solution.

Company Branding & Individual User Accounts

Company Branding & Individual User Accounts

A key benefit within the Iron Gate Safety System is the ability to brand your company's system with your logos and colors. Additionally, every employee within your company will be issued an individual account. When your employees log in to the system, they will be logging into your company's safety system website in a very secure manner. We can help you pick out a URL address that makes sense for your company's needs.

Administration Level

Administration Level

The Iron Gate Safety System is very intuitive and was built to simplify updating and managing the website. Users will be given access to the training, resources and their own profile area. The system allows for some users to be assigned to administrative levels that allow for self managing the website. This does not require any website building experience or html coding.

Training Points

Training Points

An optional feature within the Iron Gate Safety System it the ability for the employees to earn points for training. The points can then be used to purchase company branded products such as hats or shirts. The points work directly with a third party supplier who will make a company branded website store and manage the production and shipping of the awards.