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Our clients have moved from cumbersome paper processes to a streamlined, digital system that saves time and significantly enhances their ability to manage safety effectively.


Rob McBride / Craft Superintendent

"Having gone from handwriting daily safety meetings and JHAs to IRONGATE Safety Software on my iPad has been game-changing, a user-friendly system that gives peace of mind and is easy to use in the field."

Adam Esparza / Civil Foreman

"The IRONGATE App lets me perform my safety meetings super efficiently and organize everything. I didn't have to carry a binder full of job hazard analysis forms, and it was all backed up to the cloud."

Brian Marsalisi / Structure Foreman

"IRONGATE was a very effective program to track the scope of work in the field and recognize the associated safety hazards. The program also has the proper tools to teach all employee safety regulations and the correct and safe way to handle tools."

Hugo Borrayo / Craft Superintendent

"IRONGATE GO is great, you can access all of your JHAs/Toolbox Talks/Training Courses all in one app."

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Having more than 30 years of hands-on experience, we possess a deep understanding of the needs of both craft workers in the field and corporate liability considerations. Using this knowledge, we built a system that is crafted for the end-user, creating a bottom-to-top initiative, equipping crews with the tool they need to build incredible structures safely.


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