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At IRONGATE, safety and compliance are our top priorities.

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe work environment, and that’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge safety system to help you manage your safety program more efficiently. Our user-friendly system harnesses the latest technology to facilitate training, qualification management, safety meetings, and downloadable reports. With IRONGATE, you can rest assured that you’re staying ahead of safety regulations and effectively mitigating risks on the job site. Contact us today to learn how our safety system can benefit your organization.


IRONGATE offers flexible training options for employees, whether they prefer to learn individually or in a group setting. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to track training progress and ensure compliance. Unlike traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), our online training builder streamlines the process of creating and adding courses, without requiring expensive programming expertise. With IRONGATE, you can develop and deliver high-quality training that fits your organization’s unique needs.

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IRONGATE offers a comprehensive range of qualifications for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom qualifications with no restrictions. With our user-friendly cloud-based system, you can easily assign qualifications to your employees, complete with expiration dates that are saved securely in the cloud.

Our platform enables you to generate reports for all upcoming expirations for all of your employees, giving you greater peace of mind and ensuring that your organization stays compliant with relevant regulations. Whether you’re looking to manage a small team or a large workforce, IRONGATE provides the tools you need to streamline your qualification tracking process and keep your business running smoothly.

Safety Meetings

IRONGATE offers a seamless, paperless documentation process that enables supervisors and foremen to conduct safety meetings using our intuitive iPad app. With IRONGATE Go, you can perform Job Hazard Analyses, Toolbox Meetings, Inspections, and any other type of meeting that requires recording, whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Our app automatically saves all meeting content to the cloud, allowing you to access it easily and securely using our real-time reporting features. With IRONGATE Go, you can streamline your documentation process, reduce the risk of errors or omissions, and ensure that your organization stays compliant with relevant regulations.

Whether you’re managing a small team or a large workforce, IRONGATE provides the tools you need to conduct effective safety meetings and keep your business running smoothly. Try our app today and see the difference for yourself!

Real-time Reports

IRONGATE’s comprehensive Reports section provides safety managers with a powerful tool to verify whether their employees have received specific training or possess certain qualifications. With real-time visibility into training and qualification status, safety managers can quickly identify areas where additional training or qualifications are required.

Our system centralizes all documentation related to training and qualifications, allowing safety managers to easily track employee progress and build a new level of accountability across the organization. Whether you’re managing a small team or a large workforce, Iron Gate’s Reports section provides the visibility and control you need to ensure that your employees are properly trained and qualified.

For a sneak peek of the powerful features available on our platform, check out our Employee Profile Page preview today. Experience the difference that IRONGATE can make for your organization!

Immediate Verification

Reports are cloud-based and allow you to see training, qualifications and safety meetings as soon as they are submitted.

Know who is Trained

Run a report to see who has or has not been trained in any course. This provides a verification employees have completed training.

Know who is Qualified

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your qualifications organized in one place. This would enable you to know where training and qualifications are needed most.

Know when Qualifications will Expire

Run a report for expiring qualifications before they expire. You can set the days before expiration and download a report.

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