Qualification Management

Track employee qualifications effortlessly with individual profiles that document all employee qualifications, trainings, and meeting involvement. Stay ahead by running reports to ensure timely requalification and compliance. Instantly verify compliance and identify hazards on the jobsite with the employee QR Code, enabling quick decision-making for a safe work environment.

Immediate Verification

With the employee QR Code, you can instantly verify compliance and identify potential hazards due to improper training on the jobsite. Accessing this information is just a matter of seconds, enabling quick decision-making and ensuring a safe and compliant work environment. Never guess whether or not you’re in compliance.

Superintendent checking on employee workers

Know Who Is Qualified

Each employee has their own user profile that holds the record of each qualification they’ve acquired. Each qualification area holds a copy of the qualification, the issued date, and the expiration date. This keeps all of their training clean, concise and efficient to retrieve.

Know When Qualifications Will Expire

Run reports that project days, weeks, or months out to help you stay ahead of the qualification curve. This ensures timely requalification for employees who are in danger of slipping out of compliance. By staying proactive, you can avoid any lapses in qualifications and keep your workforce up-to-date and compliant.

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