For Crews

Simplify Daily Tasks

Our system is designed with the end users in mind – the hardworking crews out in the field. We understand that without them, achieving success is impossible. That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to make their jobs as easy as possible. With our app, documenting daily activities such as audits, inspections, JHAs, toolbox talks, as well as conducting trainings, becomes a breeze.

Easy Access to Data

Each employee gets their own user profile. The profile acts as a virtual hub where all crucial information is stored, so you don’t have to keep track of it all. Your profile includes the essential details, emergency contacts, employee ID numbers, completed trainings, qualifications with expiration dates, and any incentive points that have been earned. No more guessing if you’ve taken a specific training – pull up your profile and verify within seconds.

Get Home Safely

Above all else, the safety of those working out in the field is top priority. Complying to proper safety training, managing proper qualification standing, and actively participating in daily Hazard Analysis equates to safer individuals, a safer crew, and a company culture that values each individual working hard, daily. Safety should not be bogged down by paperwork. Safety is always the priority. We’ve taken away the nuance of paperwork and replaced it with efficiency. Instead of head down, you’re now eyes up.

Immediate Verification

Reports are cloud-based and allow you to see training, qualifications and safety meetings as soon as they are submitted.

Know who is Trained

Run a report to see who has or has not been trained in any course. This provides a verification employees have completed training.

Know who is Qualified

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your qualifications organized in one place. This would enable you to know where training and qualifications are needed most.

Know when Qualifications will Expire

Run a report for expiring qualifications before they expire. You can set the days before expiration and download a report.

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