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At IronGate, safety and compliance are our top priorities.

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe work environment, and that’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge safety system to help you manage your safety program more efficiently. Our user-friendly system harnesses the latest technology to facilitate training, qualification management, safety meetings, and downloadable reports. With IronGate, you can rest assured that you’re staying ahead of safety regulations and effectively mitigating risks on the job site.

Individual & Group Online Training

Give training anywhere. Individually, in a group, in the field, in a corporate office, or in a Conex out in the field. We’ve got you covered, anywhere. Individuals gather points for taking training off the clock, these points can accumulate for a built-in incentive program. The choice is yours.

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Tracking & Reporting

With our safety system, you can stay ahead of the curve by receiving real-time updates directly from the field. Review daily forms, track training, and run reports to ensure everyone on every jobsite is in compliance. Avoid qualification issues by running reports regularly, providing peace of mind that no one will be unqualified, reducing liability and potential hazards.

Qualification Tracking

Our reports help you track when qualifications will expire before they actually do. You can choose how many days before the expiration you want to be reminded. This way, you can renew qualifications on time and keep your team safe and compliant when OSHA checks in.

Safety Meetings & Field Documentation

Perform audits, job hazard analysis, toolbox talks, observations & inspections through our IronGate Go App. All forms can be customizable and there are no limitations to how many can be added to the system.

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Field App & No Connection Utility

Our field app was custom built for the crews out in the field. It’s simple, user friendly, and is reliable regardless of location. Users will be able to have access to our app with or without wifi connectivity.

Customizable User Profile & QR Codes

Every employee will have their own user profile, storing essential information for quick access. In case of an emergency in the field, our specialized QR codes enable easy retrieval of their profile, ensuring timely assistance and support.

Internal “File Sharing" Feature

Our safety system addresses the common struggle of information distribution. With our “dropbox” feature, you can house all company or job-specific resources in one place. This ensures that both office staff and craft workers have access to the information they need, promoting better communication and coordination across the company.

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Immediate Verification

Reports are cloud based and allow you to see training, qualifications and safety meetings as soon as they are submitted.

Know who is Trained

Run a report to see who has or has not been trained in any course. This provides a verification employees have completed training.

Know who is Qualified

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your qualifications organized in one place. This would enable you to know where training and qualifications are needed most.

Know when Qualifications will Expire

Run a report for expiring qualifications before they expire. You can set the days before expiration and download a report.

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