Real-time Reports

Stay informed and safe with real-time reports from IRONGATE. Get quick updates on each jobsite, know who’s trained, and stay ahead of qualification expirations for safety assurance and regulatory agency compliance.

Quick Updates

Our real-time reports give you instant insight into the procedures of each region, district, and jobsite. You can see who is following the daily protocols for field documentation, who needs more training, or whose qualifications are about to expire. When managing multiple projects at a time, the real-time reports act as your right hand man, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your crews.

Know Who's Ready

With a simple report, you can find out who has finished their trainings and who is in the field, untrained. This report acts as proof that employees have finished their required training, keeping everyone accountable, and the jobsites safe. Sort by jobsite, employee, specific trainings, specific documentation, or run a “binder” report to showcase all pertinent information needed to keep you up to speed.

Stay Ahead of Expirations

Our reports help you track when qualifications will expire before they actually do. You can choose how many days before the expiration you want to be reminded. This way, you can renew qualifications on time and keep your team safe and in compliance.

Immediate Verification

Reports are cloud-based and allow you to see training, qualifications and safety meetings as soon as they are submitted.

Know who is Trained

Run a report to see who has or has not been trained in any course. This provides a verification employees have completed training.

Know who is Qualified

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your qualifications organized in one place. This would enable you to know where training and qualifications are needed most.

Know when Qualifications will Expire

Run a report for expiring qualifications before they expire. You can set the days before expiration and download a report.

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