Safety Meetings & Field Documentation

Our app eliminates lost paperwork and streamlines field documentation, saving time and providing peace of mind. With customizable forms and an offline-friendly app, tasks become efficient and seamless, enhancing productivity on the job.

Eliminate Lost Documents

When you use our app, you take away the headache of lost paperwork. No more looking through the Conex, the back of the pickup, or digging through a filing cabinet. Once the documentation is in the system, it’s in there for good with the ability for easy recall.

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Field Documentation

Field documentation is one of then necessary steps on a jobsite. Job Hazard Analysis, toolbox meetings, inspections, audits, etc., can all be completed while out in the field through our user-friendly app. This saves time by automating the submission of information from the field, to the office, to corporate.

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Custom Forms

Any form that is needed out in the field can be made fillable within our system. This is valuable when it comes to high-standard clients or joint venture situations. Certain companies utilize specific standards, and within our system we accommodate for the differences between each organization. Our system allows for as many forms as needed to run your job sites safely, with no additional charge.

User Friendly Offline Remote Access App

We built out our app with the end-user in mind. Making it as simple as possible to access any forms or trainings that are necessary to get the job done day to day. Using the IRONGATE GO App, you can host meetings with your crews, fill out the forms, gather their signatures to sign off, and submit. Never worry about connectivity, we’ve got that part taken care of.

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