Getting Started

Sweat equity is always needed to get a system up and running, similar to starting up a jobsite.
However, here at IRONGATE, we are able to do most of the heavy lifting for you.

What to Expect

1. Commit & We Start Building

You commit to our system and a contract is signed. We deliver a custom-built system within 30 days.

*Timeline will be extended if larger customizations are needed.

employees wearing safety vests and hardhats standing in a circle

2. Collaborate & Train

We collaborate over a series of meetings to make sure we are gathering all pertinent information and migrate it to your new system. Then, we will get you up to speed on operating our system with a series of customer support trainings.

3. Setup Complete

All startup efforts are complete. Your efforts will now go towards keeping your crews safe and developing a robust safety program. No more worrying about compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Experience consistent client support access 24/7 as you increase your familiarity with the software.

Immediate Verification

Reports are cloud-based and allow you to see training, qualifications and safety meetings as soon as they are submitted.

Know who is Trained

Run a report to see who has or has not been trained in any course. This provides a verification employees have completed training.

Know who is Qualified

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your qualifications organized in one place. This would enable you to know where training and qualifications are needed most.

Know when Qualifications will Expire

Run a report for expiring qualifications before they expire. You can set the days before expiration and download a report.

Schedule a demo

Take control of your safety management. Let’s talk.