For Managers

Our safety system offers the ability to design a customized training curriculum, ensure compliance, and efficiently manage employees. It streamlines information flow, maintains compliance, and provides easy insight into safety performance for safety managers, resulting in a safer and well-prepared workforce.

Manage Safety Curriculum

Design your own training curriculum, ensure compliance by assigning trainings, verifying qualifications, and providing employees with the necessary forms through our safety software. This approach will keep your workforce safe, efficient, and well-prepared to tackle any challenges on the job.

Elimination of Hassle

How many times have you had to hassle someone to get the correct documentation to you? Streamlining information from the jobsite back to corporate matters. It helps everyone to stay on track, in compliance, and safe. On a personal level, it helps you run your jobsite smoothly. See exactly what is happening on your jobsite regardless of time and location.

Easy Insight

Our record generation gives you the 30,000-foot view. As a safety manager, you’ll find a safety system incredibly valuable for gaining easy insight into your organization’s safety performance. The record generation feature allows you to toggle between different variables, providing you with a comprehensive view of documentation across job sites, compliance status, upcoming qualification expirations, and active employees. With this detailed information at your fingertips, you can ensure that daily tasks are completed, employees are appropriately trained, and qualifications remain up to date, promoting a safer and more compliant work environment.

Ability to manage employees

Managing a jobsite means employees come and go. Our system allows for easy activation & deactivation if someone has moved job sites, is laid off, or re-hired. All records will stay in the system and follow the employees as they move around. As a manger you have control over incentive points. Employees can gather points through individual training, or you can add and subtract points as you deem necessary based off of job performance.

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