Construction Safety Software Features: Boost Productivity and Safety

Tired of wasting time and resources on paperwork and manual safety inspections at your construction site?

Do you want to ensure the safety of your team and prevent accidents on the site?

IRONGATE Construction Safety Software is the ultimate solution for this!
Our software allows you to simplify your safety inspections and stay compliant with industry regulations.

These construction safety software features save you time while keeping your team safe and productive.


Our software is designed to provide comprehensive safety management for construction sites.

Here are some of the features of our construction safety software:

Real-Time Safety Inspections

Our software enables you to conduct real-time safety inspections using your mobile device.

Construction safety features software lets you capture photos and notes and document safety hazards and incidents. You can also assign corrective training and track their progress.

Automated Safety Reports

Our software automatically generates safety reports that are compliant with industry regulations.

Construction safety software features allow you to export your safety reports in various formats, including PDF and Excel.

Safety Training

Our software provides safety training modules designed to educate your team about safety best practices.

Moreover, it assigns safety training to your team members and tracks their progress.


Our software offers several benefits that can help you improve safety and productivity at your construction site.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increased Safety: Our software enables you to identify safety hazards prior to them happening through proper training and daily documentation, which can help you prevent accidents and injuries at your construction site.
  • Improved Productivity: Construction safety features software facilitates safety inspections and eliminates paperwork, which can help you save time and increase productivity at your construction site.
  • Compliance: Construction safety software features ensure that you stay compliant with industry regulations, which can help you avoid fines and penalties.
  • Cost Savings: Our software can help you save money by reducing the need for manual safety inspections and paperwork.

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